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Becky Ross - Primary Principal

Becky Ross is married to the supremely gifted, John Ross. They have four fantastic children, who are all graduates of Logos Prep. They currently lead worship at their congregation and have served multiple years in youth ministry. Their family is passionate about the Lord and His Word, and their favorite thing to do is to be present with their kids and create an atmosphere of loving loudly and always calling out the best in each other.

At Logos Prep, she has taught multiple grade levels, has served as primary department head, and currently serves as principal of the Primary Campus on Brooks Street. It is her absolute joy to work with the students and their families in grades K-2 to raise up a generation of children who are changing the world, not becoming like it. Becky graduated from Houston Baptist University with a double major in elementary education and early childhood development. She taught in the public school system before staying home with her babies for several years. Logos Prep was an answer to prayer for their family, and they have been a part of Logos Prep since the doors opened in 2006. She has experienced both sides, the parent and the teacher role, of the University-ModelĀ® of education, and that helps equip her in her endeavors to walk gracefully alongside the teachers and co-teachers on her campus.

Becky loves being a part of the rich history of the school and looks forward, with eager anticipation, to the future of what God will continue to do through His people at Logos Prep. She feels extremely grateful to be a part of it!