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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a home school co-op?
No, Logos Preparatory Academy (Logos Prep) is a fully accredited University-Model school ( and college preparatory school.

How  is Logos Prep different than other educational institutions?
A University-Model education (UM) takes the best aspects of traditional, full-time public and private schools, as well as home schools, and molds them into one model.  Logos Prep allows parents to be intricately involved with the education of their children while having the benefit of professional classroom teachers to guide and evaluate the education process.

What is the curriculum?
A single curriculum was not chosen for Logos Prep.  Instead we have taken an eclectic approach choosing the curriculum which we feel is best for our students in each individual course as well as fit within the model of the UM style. What works well in some traditional school classes may not be as teacher-and parent-friendly as we would like, just as some home schooling texts may not fit well in a group classroom setting.

My  child is gifted in math and science but English gives  him trouble.
Logos Prep allows a student to advance by course mastery, not age or grade level alone. Seventh through twelfth grade students may advance or move back up to two grade levels. First through sixth grade students may advance or move back one grade level.

Can  students transfer into Logos Prep after being in other schools?
Yes, students who transfer will be placed in classes based on transcripts, and admissions testing. High school students may not enter mid-year.

Are  you accredited?
Yes, we are accredited through AdvancED, SACS CASI.

Who  are your teachers?
Logos Prep teachers are hired professionals, with extensive experience in education and training in their teaching field. Most are state certified, and have advanced degrees. Teachers must meet a defined set of criteria, first and foremost of which is a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They must also love children, have a passion for their subject and a gift of teaching.

What  if parents aren’t teachers? How can they teach their children if they have never homeschooled or have no teaching experience?
Parents need not have teaching experience. Logos Prep takes the lead in the area of academics. All new concepts are introduced and taught at school by paid professionals while the application of the concept takes place at home. Logos Prep teachers provide detailed assignment sheets each week and maintain open lines of communication. Parents act as co-instructors under the guidance of the classroom teacher. Bear in mind that as a child progresses to higher grade levels, the academic role of the parent gradually migrates from that of co-instructor to proctor/mentor so that by the time a student graduates, he is prepared (trained and experienced) to assume the individual responsibility required for success at the collegiate level.

My wife and I both work full time outside our home.  Will this model work for us?
One of the most important ingredients in the success of the University-Model is an available parent who can assist and properly work with the student. For a family in which both parents work outside the home on a full-time basis, a more traditional 35-40 hours/week school is probably a better choice.

What  are your class sizes?
Kindergarten: 12 Students / 1 Teacher
Elementary Grades 1-6: 16 Students / 1 Teacher
Middle School Grades 7-8: 18 Students / 1 Teacher
High School Grades 9-12: 20 Students / 1 Teacher

Is  there a dress code/uniform policy?
Uniform dress is required.  Details can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook. 

Do you issue report cards? How often?
Grades can be viewed any time on RenWeb, our online administrative software. Report cards are issued at the end of each semester. The exception to the above is kindergarten, they do not use RenWeb and issue progress reports three times each semester.

Do  you have facilities/resources for special needs children?
We are not equipped to handle special needs.