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The goal of Logos Preparatory Academy is to provide a Christ-centered and exemplary educational experience to our students. The basic needs of our school are covered by our tuition dollars; however, there is often a gap between the needs of the school and our tuition funds. In developing leaders who make an impact, Logos Prep is mindful of the fact that it exists because of the generosity of its families and seeks to build upon that spirit of philanthropy each year. From current students, to faculty and staff, to parents, grandparents, and alumni, the Logos Prep community instills the importance of giving back. If you would like to donate to the school, please click here.  Funds raised will be used for purchasing items on our 2019-2020 Wishlist below. We thank you for your support!

2020 Fundraising Wishlist Levels

$50,000 Raised
Third School Van 
Lunch room chairs and supplies for Brooks Street Campus
Technology at 59 Campus
Supplies for the art program, grades 3 - 12 
Security and wellness
Improve wireless by installing more access points
Additional VR Technology for Computer Lab
Chromebook carts
$75,000 Raised
In addition to previous list
Gator for use in upkeep of athletic fields
Tailgate event equipment
Whiteboards and teacher workspace upgrades
Classroom supplies
59 Campus furnishings
$100,000 Raised
In addition to previous lists
$15,000 Professional development, teachers and parents
$10,000 Reserve for future facility needs (Board controlled)
$150,000 Raised
In addition to previous lists
Remaining funds to be used, or held, at the discretion of the Board of Directors as needs develop

*The Logos Prep Board reserves the right to redirect funds as needed.

Logos Preparatory Academy is a 501(c)3 organization.

All donations may be tax deductible.