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Secondary Retreat

Taking place on the second weekend of the school year, Secondary Retreat is an amazing opportunity for students to go away for a weekend and get to know each other. For new students, this retreat serves as a fun way to get plugged in and to start growing those peer relationships that will help guide their years at Logos Prep.

Students worship, participate in Bible studies, and compete with Logos Prep teachers, coaches and administrators throughout the weekend. These activities and connections are part of the initiatives of our Discipleship core value.

All secondary students are highly encouraged to attend. Registration opens up in May. 

Click here for a recap of the 2021 retreat.


Senior Retreat

Taking place at the beginning of the spring semester, Senior Retreat is a time for our senior class to simply relax and refocus. The second semester of senior year is a hard one. For seniors they have one foot in high school and one foot in college. During retreat weekend, they are challenged to refocus on finishing strong, to use their time to deepen their relationship with Jesus, and to achieve a lasting legacy that will leave Logos Prep better than they found it.