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November 02, 2023
By Becky Ross

When my family joined Logos Prep we were just returning from a stint overseas where we had homeschooled all four of our children. My oldest daughter was heading into middle school and we were looking for an alternative to public education when we heard about a new school opening up in the fall named Logos Prep where the responsibility for school would be shared between parents and teachers.This intrigued me so we started our journey with the school in its inaugural year in 2006 and it was one of the best decisions of our life as a family. We knew that our job as parents was to teach our children “when we sit at home, walk along the road, lie down and when we get up!” (Deut.6)  The idea that we would have help with training them in righteousness at the school they attended to learn academics was a very exciting possibility. Eighteen years later, all four of my children are LP alumni, have finished college and are now out changing the world.

I realized during the time my children were students here that I would get out of Logos Prep what I put into it and that I could either be part of the problems I saw or part of the solution that brought order and peace. Satan hates Christian education. He hates families. He wants to destroy both. It is a sobering thought that we have an enemy looking to take us out at any chance he gets. In the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crow, his character, Maximus, is in the arena with other prisoners waiting to see what is about to be unleashed to kill them when the gates are opened. He tells the others, “Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together.” We are a mix of families at Logos Prep: big families, small families, both parents work, one parent works, different nationalities and denominations, but one thing unites us, our love for the Lord and our desire to have our children educated in a Christian environment. And I know that we stand a better chance of surviving whatever is behind the doors of the future if we stand together, united with each other and the Lord.

If you need advice on how to disciple your child, ask someone you see at school or at a football game who has older children that you see being respectful and kind. Ask them what they are doing to encourage that kind of behavior in their children and then do it. Ask a fellow parent to pray with you if this particular season of parenting seems more difficult than others. If you see or hear of a parent who is struggling with academics or with a situation going on at home then pray with them or for them in your quiet time. Share ideas with each other that are working for your family and problems where you are looking for a solution. Volunteer to be a part of a committee for the gala, a lunchroom helper, a ticket taker at the gate for a sports event or make a meal for C2.  Join Moms and Dads in Prayer! The Lord LOVES it when you come together to pray and the enemy hates it!

The staff and faculty of Logos Prep are committed to supporting and loving you to the best of our abilities and we want the best for your children. We spend time as administrators thinking about what your children will look like when they leave our door; what kind of citizens will they be, what kind of spouse, what kind of parent and mostly what kind of disciple they will grow up to be. Spend some time dreaming with the Lord about the future of your children and then take steps today to see that come to pass. Link arms with other LP families to stand up for righteousness and against the enemy. We have a better chance of survival when we stand together in Him!

Becky Ross
Primary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy

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