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Illness and Quarantine Policies

Welcome Back LP Families! We are so excited to start this year with each of you!  As we continue to navigate this new normal of living, we will need your partnership and cooperation to continue to keep our kids healthy while in school.  We will continue to monitor community illnesses and adapt our practices as necessary to keep our students healthy.  Many practices put in place last year helped to decrease the spread of all illnesses and will be continued such as increased handwashing, and more frequent cleaning of surfaces.  We are thankful for God’s provision and protection over our community and ask that you continue to pray over our community this year.

The most important factor in keeping our Logos Prep community safe is using caution and pre-screening your children before sending them to school.  Please do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well.  The criteria for when to come to school is outlined in the parent/student handbook.  Please read the entire health section as there have been many changes including that your child may not return to school until fever-free for 48 hours without the use of medications.  Please do not send your child to school if anyone in your family currently has COVID-19.   Notify your school nurse immediately if you have been exposed to or have COVID-19 to put a plan in place for your child.  

One of the biggest changes this year will be the quarantines.  We will be working with each individual case of COVID-19 in our community to determine close contacts.  In addition, all of our classrooms meet the criteria for distance learning, which will allow for less quarantines throughout the year.  Click here for the full illness and quarantine policies.


One of our key habits of integrity is self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 is a wonderful reminder to us about the application of self-control over fear. “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Concerns for the safety and well-being for all members of the Logos Prep community continue to be and will always remain our highest priority. We ask for your continued prayer and partnership through this evolving situation.


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COVID  Update

When the decision was made at the end of last year to integrate necessary COVID policies into our permanent handbook, school administration, nurses, and the Board of Directors worked in concert with members of the 2020-21 COVID Task Force to determine which policies should become permanent practice and which should be retired unless a new need arose. An example of a policy that made its way into our  handbook permanently is the requirement that students be fever free for 48 hours before returning to school. There are a number of these types of permanent additions to our handbook. An addition we made to the handbook can be found in the Student Health section under section 11.3 CONTAGIOUS ILLNESS:

“If the local health department is reporting high numbers of any communicable illness, we may screen students, staff, and visitors upon entry to the school (e.g.check temperature, ask about symptoms, etc.), as well as initiate other disease control protocols.”

In all transparency, while we need the freedom to address communicable illnesses in our community as they occur, we were not expecting to still be actively battling COVID-19. We certainly didn’t expect to see the levels of illness that we are currently experiencing. 

Our first reported positive case of COVID-19 for the current school year came Friday, July 30. Since that time, we’ve had a total of 25 students and 8 teachers test positive. In most cases, it is impossible to say where a student or teacher was exposed, but what we can say is that the rate of transmission far exceeds the rate of transmission we experienced in the past. It is too early to say with certainty whether our 2021-22 protocols are performing effectively or if further measures are needed. However, we have seen evidence that we are having success in identifying which students to quarantine. We are also thankful to have been able to relieve some of last year’s measures which would have required that we place our entire high school and much of elementary school online at this time.

We’ve been asked under whose authority we operate. First and foremost, we operate under the authority of God. Beyond that, as a private school, the answer becomes less concrete. There are certainly state and federal laws and mandates that we must follow both as an accredited private school, and as a not-for-profit. However, there is not a specific entity that governs us. Logos Prep pays a great deal of attention to the guidelines put in place by the Texas Education Association, and in matters of health, we also monitor guidance from the CDC. We also consider the actions being taken by our peers in private, Christian education. The freedom we have to tailor guidance to our campus and community is invaluable. 

We’ve also been asked if we will put the COVID dashboard back in the weekly newsletter. Last year, it was required of us to report these numbers. This year, the requirement was lifted. Thus far, the numbers have changed daily making the once a week communication used last year a less effective option. Nevertheless, we will consider the best way to keep the community updated on COVID+ cases on our campus. Be assured that you will be directly informed if we become aware that your student was or may have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. It is actually this sort of teamwork that will help us successfully navigate our current circumstances.

It is our joy to partner with each of you in the matter of educating the minds and hearts of your children. Know that while we find ourselves embroiled in momentary troubles, God’s glory in the hearts and lives of the children and families of Logos Prep outweighs them all. 

May God bless and keep you.
Tammy McIlvoy

From The Counselor

Precious Logos Prep Families,

While we are all closely monitoring our physical health at this time, let us not forget the importance of our mental health as well. Our children of all ages are feeling the anxiety and stress that comes with disruption and uncertainty. We as adults are also experiencing additional stress, and I want to encourage all of you to take the time to take care of yourselves as well.

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