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The Courageous Influencer for Christ

April 21, 2022
By Leah Rabb

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations….” Matthew 28:19 

Moms at the very last minute while you are about to walk out the door will call out the most important instructions. “Don’t forget your shoes!” “Drive safe!” “Don’t forget to call me when you get there!” All direct and concise instructions. 

The words in Matthew 28:19 have the same feeling. It is as if Jesus is giving the very last instructions for his disciples and making it as concise and clear as possible for them to follow. Go, make, baptize, teach … all actions that we are to do. The instructions are actions that promote intentionality in building relationships. Those last few words of Jesus prompt us to be courageous influencers by speaking to others about their spiritual condition and to tell others about Jesus.  

A sign of spiritual maturity is the care and compassion for others. We have received something so wonderful because of Jesus; therefore, we want others to know Jesus too. An older gentleman that was a member of the church I grew up in was known to share peppermint candy. He always had peppermint candy in his Sunday suit pocket. All the children knew to ask him for a piece. When you talked with him, every conversation would be navigated to our spiritual condition or what we were learning in Sunday school. Even when I was a moody teenager, he would ask how my faith was and how I was growing in the Lord. He would steer conversations to spiritual topics even with adults and acquaintances. Conversations about spiritual well-being can act as a door to share the good news of Jesus. He was very intentional about building relationships and making opportunities to lead others to Christ.  

Recently in between classes, I  asked a high school student how he was doing spiritually and he shared with me his worries and things he was questioning. I was a little taken back how quickly the depth of the conversation progressed. It was a quick interaction that allowed me to build a relationship with a student. When I was only expecting the student to say “fine”, an unexpected opportunity was given to me to encourage and show compassion for a student’s spiritual walk. Being a courageous influencer can take different forms and there will be a variety of opportunities to share the love of Christ,  but only if we go and be intentional about fulfilling those last directives from Jesus…go, make, baptize, teach. 

Leah Rabb
Elementary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy