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Logos Prep Insights



October 26, 2023
By Joel Gutowsky

You know those weeks on the calendar that overwhelm you just by looking at them? Those are weeks that make you long for a nap before they even get started, right? That is Homecoming Spirit Week.

You have the daily themes, trying not to get them all confused. Then there is the buying, organizing, creating costumes/outfits all for the purpose of creating memories. Mix that with a football game and tailgating on Friday night, mums, dresses, suits, and a homecoming dance on Saturday and this week is busy!

As the Director of Secondary Student Life, the majority of my job revolves around our junior high & high school students. I get to give them opportunities to create amazing memories that hopefully will be looked back upon fondly after their time here at Logos Prep. At homecoming it’s the memory of dressing up as a twin with one of your best friends, wearing your pjs to class, and exchanging mums with your homecoming date. It’s unapologetically dancing to Taylor Swift and knowing how to dance to Footloose at our homecoming dance.

These memories help frame part of the foundation that our students build their future on. Looking back and remembering is something that we are called to do as the people of God. All throughout the Old Testament God is telling his people to “remember” and “do not forget”. Remember how He provided. Remember how He delivered. Remember how He answered a prayer. Remember.

I’m thankful that I am able to look back and remember when God met me. That moment when He got my attention and I trusted in HIm. I’m thankful that I can look back and remember how He put people and opportunities in my life to encourage me and point me to Himself. I can remember how he provided when things weren’t looking good. I can remember how He answered very specific prayers in just the perfect timing.

What do you remember? Where have you seen God at work in your past? Where do you see God at work now? Stop and remember. Bookmark those moments, because in the craziest of our schedule and lives, slowing down to be present and remember keeps getting harder and harder. May we listen to this commandment of God. Remember and do not forget.

Joel Gutowsky
Director of Student Life 
Logos Preparatory Academy