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Logos Prep Insights


Public Spirit in a Purpose Seeker

April 07, 2022
By Becky Ross

One of the pieces in our “Portrait of a Graduate” for Logos Prep is that we want them to be a “purpose seeker.” We want them to find and walk in the purpose God has for their life. We intentionally say “purpose seeker” not “purpose finder” because your purpose can change over your lifetime.  It can ebb and flow with the seasons of life.  You must continue to find what inspires you and ignites your passion into purpose in each season. How many of you reading this feel like you understand your purpose in life and are walking it out in community?  If the answer to that question is no, then how do you seek and find your purpose?  How do you live with hope that God is sovereign and that He has created you on purpose for a purpose? I believe you pray for revelation and start serving your community!  

I wake up most mornings knowing that God has a plan and purpose for my actions and prayers that day.  Not because I am someone special, but because I learned long ago that when you set your heart to serve Him and the people around you, you will find purpose.  Maybe you are a stay at home mom who serves her babies all day and no one but you and God know how hard you work to serve them.  Maybe you work in an office where the culture is “every man for himself” and you feel unnoticed as you look for ways to serve others and work as unto the Lord. Maybe you are taking care of your elderly parents and you never imagined the roles reversed like this.  You are trying to give dignity and purpose to their lives and yours feels like a burden bigger than you can carry.  You need contentment in your purpose. It is even possible that you haven’t yet realized your purpose. Do not despair!

I promise that you have a purpose in life and that it is tied to community.  If you are looking for your purpose, simply start by serving someone somewhere.  When you serve someone around you, it feeds your soul, too.  That’s how God made us. We have a mutually beneficial relationship when we serve one another in love and we find our purpose in life as we give to each other. Proverbs 20:5 says, “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”  Living with purpose in community allows you to:
empower others to live with purpose,

  • engage with others from a healthy self-esteem, 
  • be more grateful for what you’ve been given, 
  • have a more positive outlook each day, 
  • forgive others and let go of bitterness because you know none of us is perfect, 
  • become more inclined to choose peace over strife because we keep our eyes on a bigger prize than being right.

Whether purpose is found in your paying job, your volunteer work at church, a school position, or in your family, there is a clarity about your future when you are living out your purpose in community.

I know that if God placed you at Logos Prep, He has a purpose for you here in this community.  When I arrived here as a parent 16 yrs ago, I could not have dreamed what I am doing here now!  I did not see being a principal as one of my purposes in life but the Lord is so faithful. As I began to serve the community in which He placed me, He gave me more opportunities to serve His people here and revealed to me a purpose in life that I didn’t know was possible. Serve His people, find your purpose, be courageous in your pursuit of community. I’m glad you’re here.

Becky Ross
Primary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy