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Logos Prep Insights


One of Those Seasons

April 14, 2022
By Joel Gutowsky

For me, there are really two times of the year when my heart and mind are more sensitive to the seasons. These are the season of Holy Week/Easter and the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The times when the secular calendar and the Church calendar align are truly beautiful to me because a majority of people are thinking about stories and events where Jesus is the main character.

What an opportunity!!

There is great joy for me in celebrating Easter because everything in Christianity is dependent on Jesus’ resurrection. EVERYTHING! In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul tells us that if Christ isn’t resurrected, everything we are doing is in vain. There is so much joy and security that comes from knowing that Jesus is no longer in the grave!!

Our hope is that this Easter we all may have confidence and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to make an impact for the name of Jesus in our families and neighborhoods. Friends, that work will never be in vain!!

On this Maundy Thursday, the day when Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples, as we look toward Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, may this prayer resurrect our hope and our joy.

“May this our feast fall like a great hammer blow
against that brittle night,
shattering the gloom,
reawakening our hearts,
stirring our imaginations,
focusing our vision on the Kingdom of Heaven that is to come,
on the Kingdom that is promised,
on the Kingdom that is already,
indeed, among us,
for the resurrection of all good things has already joyfully begun.


He is risen!
He is risen, indeed!
Happy Easter!!

Joel Gutowsky
Director of Student Life
Logos Preparatory Academy