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Logos Prep Insights


Family Is The "Secret Sauce"

November 11, 2021
By Tammy McIlvoy

It was an incredible honor to travel this past week to Washington D.C. and accept the 2021 Blue Ribbon School Award on behalf of Logos Prep. In addition to much congratulations and celebration, I was struck by the undercurrent of concern for our nation’s schools and students. While I recognize that we are not exempt from the challenges being faced in education, I also know that we have opportunities many do not. You as parents have opportunities that many parents cannot or choose not to take. Together, we are able to partner to provide students with a future changing education. 

Keynote speaker Deputy Secretary of Education Cynthia Marten said, “Educators shape the future every single day.” While I fully agree with this statement, I also see that parents are shaping the future, one precious child at a time. 

In his talk on Mindful Resilience and Post Traumatic Growth, Dr. Christopher Willard reminded the educators that the number one thing that predicts positive outcomes for kids is having one caring, consistent, compassionate adult in their lives. Educators across the nation are trying to fill this gap for students whose parents are not serving in this way. While I do believe that all educators should strive to be these things for their students, I am thankful that the students of Logos Prep have caring, consistent, and compassionate adults in their homes. This has been called the “secret sauce” of the school's success. 

In one of the sessions I attended at the NBRS conference, I learned the staggering statistic that one in three young people grow up without a mentoring relationship. This helps frame the conversations that were also taking place about mental health and instability. Too many of our nation’s children are raising themselves and while I was spending time with some of the nation’s best educators, few understood the clear truth. Schools cannot solve the problem. The family must rise up and serve the critical role it was designed by God to play. 

The second predictive factor of positive outcomes for kids is feeling like part of a community. We value community at Logos Prep and strive for every student to feel a part. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the power of the community of your home. Family is every child’s first and most important small group.

University-Model School, and likewise Logos Prep, were formed to support families by providing an excellent academic opportunity in partnership with parents. If you have never, or haven’t recently, read Dr. John Turner’s book Character Driven College Preparation, please come by the office and purchase a copy. Spend some time reminding yourself why you do what you do for your children and as a parent at a UM school. I do recommend the updated version of the book which is not available on Amazon.

In her talk, Secretary Marten said that we are right now in a moment of inflection in our nation’s history. She claimed that education was at the heart of every discussion. Though I fully believe in the role of educators in shaping our culture, I would counter that family must be at the heart of every discussion in order for lasting change to occur. 

Thank you for partnering with us in providing your children a Blue Ribbon worthy education. We count it a great privilege to play a role in the lives of your students.

In celebration of our Blue Ribbon Award, Blue Bell Ice Cream will provide an ice cream treat on campus today and tomorrow.

Tammy McIlvoy
Head of School
Logos Preparatory Academy