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Everyone Is Useful For The Glory of God

February 16, 2023
By Jason Henderson

Sitting in theology classes as a biology major is an interesting experience. Terms and concepts are thrown around as if they should be common knowledge, references are made to things covered in classes I never took, and my hours spent memorizing the structures of all 20 amino acids suddenly seem like a waste of time. I usually have one window open to Google on my laptop so I can figure out what everyone is talking about.

I feel a bit of the same confusion when we go to education conferences. I’m not an educator by training; I’m a scientist/youth minister. Maslow and Bloom, Horace Mann and Maria Montessori…these famous educators mean something to a lot of people, but I’m constantly playing catch up. In both contexts, it took me a very long time to not only become comfortable with my new surroundings, but to understand I have an important role to play: I’m the bug in the system that forces everyone around me to refine their approach and ultimately that makes the end product even better.

The world would be boring if we were all the same, or if we all knew the same things. Alternatively, the world would be an unmitigated disaster if everyone was like me. There is a beauty in how different we all are–different experiences, thoughts, ideas, opinions. My classmates often thanked me for sharing, because I was able to come at problems from a different perspective than “the usual.” I’d like to think I provide a helpful voice on our leadership team because I have no earthly idea how things have usually been done, which means I can often contribute new insights or ideas. My road less traveled, to steal a phrase from Robert Frost, has led me to an unexpected place to be sure, but it’s a place where I have unexpected value.

Variety is biblical: look at the disciples, the judges, or even the character bios of Hebrews’ “Hall of Faith” in chapter 11: everyone is unique and yet everyone is used by God to accomplish His will and build a bit of His Kingdom. Each one of our stakeholders (students, families, faculty, staff, coaches, etc.) brings something special and valuable to the table, making us infinitely more than just the sum of our parts. We are the family of God, shining His glory to the world around us in unexpected and miraculous ways.

Jason Henderson
Secondary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy