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Logos Prep Insights


Eve of Easter

April 06, 2023
By Joel Gutowsky

As I sit and write this article on the Thursday of Holy Week, I am reminded of the importance of this day. Today, Jesus sat down with his disciples and shared a meal.

The Lord’s Supper. The Last Supper.

It was an intimate gathering. A gathering of friends. A gathering of a community.

As we approach Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday I am reminded of the importance of community and family. Whether it is our church family or our family unit, each of these gatherings is an invitation for us to recognize the holiness of that moment.

So allow me to offer this prayer for you as we begin our Easter weekend.

“Wake us to be present to you and to one
another in these shared hours we are given.
For it is you, O Lord, who have
so gathered us from our various places,
and you alone who know our hearts
and our needs.

Among us are some who arrive anxious, some
who are lonely, some who suffer pain and sorrow.
May we in our joys find grace to enter the
sorrow of others.

Among us are some who arrive rejoicing,
hearts made light by good news, good health,
glad anticipation.
May we in our sorrows find grace to embrace
the joys of others.

Breathe upon our gathering,
O Spirit of God.
Grant each of us a place to humbly receive and
to faithfully serve, that we might know in this
brief gathering a foretaste of that greater
communion yet to come.”

May the mystery and the joy of this celebration be near to you this weekend. May the importance of Christ’s defeat of death, hell, and the grave bring you great joy and anticipation for the greater communion to come.

Joel Gutowskky
Director of Student Life
Logos Preparatory Academy