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Logos Prep Insights


Build The House...And The Family Library

May 04, 2023
By Leah Rabb

“Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.” Proverbs 9:9

Now that my last child will graduate from Logos Prep in the next few weeks, I am looking at getting rid of things that they no longer need, but I am struggling with the books. If you know me, you know I love books. Each of my children’s books hold a special memory for me. I remember when my children were little and we read together. I remember the endless hours of sounding out words. (Who knew the word cat can take a minute to read?) One book that my son loved has the binding torn and pages worn with wear. It was about being a knight and how a knight defends the good and acts honorable. I remember checking on him one night when he was little to make sure he was asleep and this book was tucked in the covers with him. When we think of the many ways to invest in our children, we might think of sports, acting, or other activities, but reading is just as important for the growth and development of our children. Good books build up children and are worth the time and investment.

My theme this year for the core value of  family was to “Build the House”.  A part of building a family is building and investing in things that will benefit and bless our children and help them flourish. Last week, I wrote about books being windows and mirrors. Families should cultivate and build libraries with a diverse selection of books to have windows and mirrors for children. Spend time together reading and talking about books. Don’t miss the opportunity to cultivate a love of reading. Family libraries should  have books that are colorful and culturally diverse, fiction and nonfiction, fun and serious. The  more diverse the library the more engaging the conversations can be. This rule applies for every age of child. Even the grown up ones! With summer coming, no child can claim to be bored with a world of books available.  

Good books give something to the reader. They build knights and heroes, courageous influencers and critical thinkers. Good books establish problem solvers and effective communicators. They help us seek wisdom and discern from right and wrong. As a school, we are very intentional about the books we chose and go through a process to put the book list together to build up a generation to make an impact for Christ. We pick books that build and add to the core knowledge of students and inspire them to live a life of  virtue. Cultivating a family library at home is just as important, and reading together can build up a family and be a worthy investment for our children.

Leah Rabb
Elementary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy